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beijing's blog / Uncategorized / Doctors Shocking Report Explains Why People Are Obese and Overweight!
Doctors Shocking Report Explains Why People Are Obese and Overweight!
11 September, 2010 0 comments Uncategorized

This special eye opening report bought to you by the well known Dr Suzanne Gudakunst!!Everybody believes that the reason that people get fat is because they over-eat and don't exercise. While this may have been true several decades ago, it's something else entirely today. While studying to become a doctor there were a number of factors that I became aware of and a very peculiar pattern emerged which contradicted many statements that have been made regarding being overweight. Perhaps you can remember the aerobic and fitness crazes back in Lida daidaihua the early 1980's more so than at any other time in modern history. You may also know that "nutritional science" reached an amazing level in research and discoveries from 1975 to the present. Yet, statistics from then till now have shot up first from just 5% of people in "civilized" countries (not just the United States) becoming labeled "OBESE."You must consider that "medicine" has increased its knowledge considerably in the past 15 years alone by over 800%.Yet, just a few years later this 2X Powerful Slimming Obesity stat jumped from 5% to 25% (which was unheard of and frightening to the general public at large -- no pun intended!) Most recently it was considered "accepted" that some 40% of people living in the United States are obese -- and shockingly this stat was just recently revised with estimates suggesting between 55%-62% of Americans alone are now categorized as obese!Yet again, "WE" are considered not just as a nation, but as a planet to be an advanced race of humanity living into the 21st century - but people are getting FATTER and FATTER! (And despite all these amazing advances!)What Is the Reason for this?As I doctor, this made me very curious; as well as disturbed. All this is what caused me to study more intensely than anything else the growing "Problem of Obesity" (not just in America, but worldwide).I noticed another very instant slim "bizarre pattern" emerge that proved eventually to lead me to the True Cause: Other nations (especially in Asia and the Orient) who began taking in American exports of red meats and dairy began seeing fatter people and increases in their citizens' health disorders. super slim Before a decade ago, people living in the Orient had less than 1% of the levels of heart disease, liver disorders, cancers, strokes, and even behavioral problems such as ADD and learning disabilities.Today, those nations that accept regularly our imports show almost the same levels of these sickening illnesses and horrible diseases just like in the US. PLEASE NOTE: At present Japan REFUSES to accept these meat and dairy exports from the United States, and they STILL have less than 2 Day Diet 1% of these sicknesses and obese citizens! (Starting to get the picture?)I then studied the ingredients to learn that almost ALL the things causing Oriental citizens to become as sick as American citizens were the so-called pesticides and preservatives that our FDA claims are to "protect us." Yet prior to their absorption into international populations, those peoples were by far SAFER, HEALTHIER, and far LESS LIKELY to develop the PLETHORA of diseases that plague Americans, zhen de shou due to these chemicals. I went on to examine people living in the US who were NOT getting sick, only to discover a clear pattern as well. These people were not eating the foods at public grocery stores -- either entirely or less as often. Further, people who once were sick and obese but who later conquered both obesity and disease 3x slimming power were people who had "detoxified" their bodies of all this "chemical & harmful garbage" littering them -- put there with the permission of good ole 'Uncle Sammy.' I guess this gives an entirely new meaning to Uncle Sam's well-known statement: "I Want You!"

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