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Guardian angels in WOW Alliance
1 July, 2010 0 comments Uncategorized

Guardian angels in WOW Alliance
The noble Gryphon is the symbol of the fortitude. When the Alliance needs help, the strong Gryphon which lives in Aerie Peak will provide assistance. They can transfer important documents for the leaders of the Human, Dwarf and Gnome in Storm wind City and Iron forge. What's more, they can also deliver the passengers who have paid the transportation costs to different routes of the territory which is controlled by Alliance in wow gold.
In order to show the deeply respect to Cenarius, Hippogryphs swear loyalty to Night Elf in WOW. Now Hippogryphs often patrol in the sky of North Kalimdor, search for any malicious intruders. During the war, Sentinel shooters had once ridden these noble creatures to fight. Since then, they agree to act as the transporters of Alliance world of warcraft gold, taking the travelers to fly along the route they patrol.
Metro Mine Road
After the Second World War in WOW gold, Human in Stormwind City began to rebuild their home. During that time, the friendship between the Alliance forces was kept very well wow power leveling. The Dwarves of Ironforge gave them some help. But the Dwarf King Magni Bronzebeard was worried about that as the development of supporting for Human was becoming slow, they would had to send Dwarf soldiers to protect the Human Kingdom. Therefore, he thought that it should be established an effective mode of transport.
In order to solve the problem, Magni Bronzebeard asked the High Tinker Mekkatorque, the most respected engineer in Azeroth, for help. After Mekkatorque accepted the request, he immediately set out to design a large scale underground rail system which could connect Stormwind City with Ironforge. Finally he succeeded in finishing it buy wow gold.
Therefore, today the constructed Metro Mine Roads has become the indispensable lifeline between the two cities. Besides, they offer fast and convenient transportation services for thousands of people in cheap wow gold. Moreover, because of them, the military cooperation between the two cities can be further solid.

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